Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America

Embassy of Portugal to the United States of America

Jews had lived on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 1, years, producing philosophers, poets, diplomats, physicians, scholars, translators, and merchants. Historians still debate the number of Jews expelled; some estimate 40,, others , or more. Those who fled sought exile in places that would have them—Italy, North Africa, the Netherlands, and eventually the Ottoman empire. Many continued to speak Ladino, a variant of 15th-century Spanish, and treasure elements of Spanish culture. Tens of thousands stayed, but converted, and remained vulnerable to the perils of the Inquisition. How many Jews were killed remains unclear, but a widely accepted estimate is 2, people during the first two decades of the Inquisition, with thousands more tortured and killed throughout its full course. In , the Spanish Parliament sought to make amends. Without a dissenting vote, it enacted a law inviting the Sephardim—Jews who trace their roots to Spain—to return. Read: The genetic legacy of the Spanish Inquisition. The country today has one of the smallest Jewish populations in Europe: about 15, to 45, in a country of more than 46 million people.

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Naming Conventions The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying “The Israelites shall camp each with his standard under the banners of their ancestral homes”. The first that comes to mind is that Sephardim name children after persons who may be living or dead whereas Ashkenazim name their children after relatives that have died. Among Sephardim, the convention is to name the eldest son after the paternal grandfather and the eldest daughter frequently after the paternal grandmother.

Therefore, whereas in Ashkenazi research the date of birth of a child can sometimes be used to guess at the approximate year of death of the namesake, in Sephardic genealogy the name of the eldest son gives clues to the name of the paternal grandfather. This fact can sometimes be of great help in differentiating family trees. Some Spanish exiles named children after their own parents.

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T he economic role of Jews in Christian Europe changed profoundly from the Middle Ages to the early modern period. In the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, Sephardic Jews—the descendents of those who had been expelled from the territories of the crown of Castile and Aragon in , or of those who, after seeking refuge in Portugal, were forced to convert to Catholicism in —formed increasingly stable communities in Venice, Livorno, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and London after They were eventually tolerated in Bordeaux and other towns in southwestern France, and slowly set foot in the Dutch and English Caribbean.

In the late seventeenth century, they also established small enclaves in Levantine and North African ports. Unlike medieval Jewry or other early modern segments of Jewish society in Europe, Sephardic merchants did not engage in petty credit and retail sale. Instead, many among them were largely involved—each with varying degrees of success—in long-distance trade, international finance, and the processing and manufacturing of colonial goods especially sugar, tobacco, and diamonds.

For most Sephardim, credit operations were closely linked to commerce, but for a few, such as Gabriel de Silva ca.

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Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Editor: Yosef Kaplan. In those cities and later in London, Bordeaux, and Bayonne as well, Iberian conversos established their own Jewish communities, openly adhering to Judaism. Despite the features these communities shared with other confessional groups in exile, what set them apart was very significant. In contrast to other European confessional communities, whose religious affiliation was uninterrupted, the Western Sephardic Jews came to Judaism after a separation of generations from the religion of their ancestors.

In this edited volume, several experts in the field detail the religious and cultural changes that occurred in the Early Modern Western Sephardic communities. E-Book PDF. Open Access. Prices from excl. VAT :. Add to Cart. About MyBook. View PDF Flyer.

Sephardic Studies סְפָרַדִּים: Primary Sources

The presence of these communities in the Iberian Peninsula goes a long way back, and in fact precedes the formation of the Iberian Christian kingdoms, namely Portugal. Until the 15th century, some Jews occupied very prominent places in Portuguese political and economic life. Notorious anti-New Christian riots broke out in , killing up to four thousand in a massacre in Lisbon.

Sephardic Jewish Heritage. 6 Nights travelling through the heart of soul of Sephardic Spain “Sefarad is not a nostalgia but rather a home; a true place of meeting.

The Portuguese government may grant Portuguese nationality through naturalization to the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Portugal and Spain in the fifteenth century. This measure was approved by the Organic Law No. The Regulation, approved by DL n. The application must be accompanied by the following documents:.

If such a certificate is absent, other evidence may be admitted, as follows:. If in doubt of the authenticity of the contents of the documents issued abroad, the competent authorities may provide to the Jewish communities registered in Portugal opinion on the evidence. All customers who need consular attention are required to timely contact the Consulate, requesting appointment for a date and hour available. All information about procedures and documentation to be submitted will be provided, as well as expected costs.

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Sephardic Jews are defined as the descendants of the ancient Jewish communities from the Iberian Peninsula. After they were expelled from Spain and Portugal between and , the Sephardic Jews settled in countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, as well as in regions of the Middle East and, later, in territories of Latin America and the United States of America. At Goy Gentile we count with a network of genealogists and historians from more than 50 countries specialized in determining Sephardic origin and localizing and obtaining the different evidence to prove Sephardic lineage.

In order to obtain the Portuguese Passport by Sephardic origin, it is necessary to be a descendant of a Sephardic Jew or to be a practicing Sephardic Jew. To apply to the relevant Jewish community and obtain the necessary certificate of Sephardic origin, we will need the following information:. Family Tree: The applicant must send to Goy Gentile his family tree with a minimum of four previous generations.

BILL GRANTING SPANISH CITIZENSHIP TO SEPHARDIC JEWS Applicants will fill out an application form in Spanish at the website of the Ministry of to 12 months from the date the application and corresponding documents are registered.

Searching for the Jewish roots of Al Andalus. The Jewish Sephardic Heritage to be found in the roots and archives of the history of Andalucia is undeniable. There is a recent resurgence in interest and investigation into the Jewish past of this fascinating period of history. We have developed this tour carefully and sensitively as we have been piecing the puzzle together ourselves.

This itinerary is based on our findings and readings. Until their expulsion in the Edict of , Sephardic Jews had been an integrated and valued part of the culture of the Three Religions. The Catholic Monarchs gave them two choices; leave or convert. Jews, rich and poor were made equal and forced to either adopt Catholic tradition or find a new home. They left behind their possessions and property, their beloved towns, cities and villages.

In this tour, we travel through the memory of the Sephardic past and uncover the riches of that time in history.

Exploring Sephardic—and Seattle—History

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Click on this key icon to return to the Sephardic SIG home page. right to the date of the expulsion from Spain, this makes such research of added interest.

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